KPRS Participates in NAIOP Legislative Affairs in Sacramento

Andrew Bieker

Last week I joined the NAIOP SoCal Legislative Affairs Committee on an advocacy trip to Sacramento with a handful of other real estate owners, consultants and professionals.

These advocacy trips were started through the Southern California chapter of NAIOP over the last few years as a means to go on the offensive and raise awareness of important bills put forth by assemblymembers which impact the real estate world. Generally the trips take place over a two-day period where real estate professionals are connected directly with assemblymembers and senators to offer up our real estate perspective.

The purpose of this trip was to meet with assemblymembers, senators and other political professionals to bring attention to three bills in particular: AB 2904, AB 2433, and SB 1103. The following is a breakdown summary of the bills and the position held by the advocacy group.

AB 2904 (In Support): This bill looks to amend the current law mandating a 10-day notification period for property owners regarding planning commission hearing on proposed zoning changes. The bill looks to lengthen the notification period and update the notification method to property owners to increase transparency on impactful zone changes. (AB 2904 has passed as of 4/17/24).

AB 2433 (In Support): This bill looks to streamline the permitting process by allowing for state-selected privately owned consultants to assist in the plan check process if the municipality cannot respond to a developer within a timely manner.

SB 1103 (In Opposition): This bill looks to reduce the security deposit amount for commercial tenants to only one month’s rent. Although well intentioned, the group believes this would deter property owners from renting to small businesses due to the higher risk of tenant default.

Individuals met with on this trip included: Juan Carrillo (District 39), Wendy Carrillo (District 52), Laurie Davies (District 74), Blanca Rubio (District 48), Blanca Pacheco (District 64), Tri Ta (District 70), Marie Waldron (District 75), Senator Bob Archuleta (District 30), Senator Anthony Portantino (District 25), Senator Susan Rubio (District 22).

Learn more about the SoCal NAIOP Legislative Affairs Committee.

Andrew Bieker is a Business Development Manager at KPRS. He can be reached at 714.351.0691 or [email protected]

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