Our subcontractor partners work as an extension of our teams. Each trade adds a vital piece toward our mission of quality and service.

Become a KPRS Subcontractor

KPRS works to build strong relationships with committed and experienced subcontractors who are at the top of their craft. We continually seek to expand our sub partner offerings and invite qualified trades to participate in our prequalification through our TradeTapp and BuildingConnected platforms.

Bid Opportunities

Our preconstruction team oversees a large volume of bidding requests every day. KPRS uses BuildingConnected as the primary management tool and means of communication for soliciting bids on an array of projects for our clients. Once you are prequalified as a subcontractor with KPRS, you will receive invitations to bid through BuildingConnected. To get started or to access an existing profile, visit the BuildindConnected website.

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How to prequalify as a KPRS Subcontractor:

1. Complete the form below to submit your prequalification.
2. Once KPRS receives your application you will be sent an email to setup your account in TradeTapp.
3. Follow the instructions at TradeTapp to fill in all relevant information. You will need the following:

  • Business Tax ID #
  • Estimated Backlog
  • Project References/Past Projects
  • Volume of Current Projects under Contract
  • Work In Place for the Current Year
  • Annual Volume
  • Safety
  • EMR(Experience Modification Rate) for the past 3 years
  • OSHA 300/300A logs for the past 3 years
  • Safety Manual
  • Heat Illness Prevention Program
  • Hazardous Communication Program
  • Code of Safe Practices
  • First Aid/Emergency Medical Plan
  • Respiratory Protection Plan
  • Fall Protection Plan
  • Confined Space Plan
  • Crystalline Space Plan
  • Current Insurance Certificate and Additional Insured forms CG2010 and CG2037
  • Letter from Bonding Company if applicable
  • W9 Form
  • Audited and Reviewed Financials from previous year

4. TradeTapp and BuildingConnected work synchronously together. Once you set up your account at TradeTapp, please ensure that you create a BuildingConnected account as well. These accounts will map to each other. It is important to maintain consistency on both profiles, specifically with your company name, address and contact information.

5. When entering contact information, the email submitted will be the person contacted next year for renewal. Please ensure that the email address is for person who will complete the renewal.

Start the process of becoming a KPRS Subcontractor

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Has the company or principles of the company operated under a different name in the past three years?

Has the company worked under contract with KPRS in the past three years?


If you have questions about BuildingConnected of TradeTapp, please do not hesitate to contact the support teams at [email protected] and [email protected], respectively. If your company already has BuildingConnected and/or TradeTapp accounts, you will be able to use your existing accounts to use both platforms.

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