Our subcontractor partners work as an extension of our teams. Each trade adds a vital piece toward our mission of quality and service.

Become a KPRS Subcontractor

KPRS works to build strong relationships with committed and experienced subcontractors who are at the top of their craft. We continually seek to expand our sub partner offerings and invite qualified trades to participate in our prequalification process. We are also committed to the involvement and participation in a Diversity Program for our active subcontractors, suppliers, and professional consultants who are certified as WBE / VBE / MBE/ SBE / VOB / SDVOB / DOBE / LGBTQ+ businesses.

Working and Partnering with KPRS

Our preconstruction team oversees a large volume of bidding requests each day. KPRS uses BuildingConnected as the primary management tool and means of communication for soliciting bids on an array of projects for our clients.

Once you prequalify as a subcontractor with KPRS, you will receive invitations to bid through BuildingConnected.

KPRS requires all subcontractors to prequalify annually within TradeTapp on BuildingConnected and obtain a Master Agreement + Subcontract to contract work with our company.

Start the Process

KPRS Public Bid Opportunities

Check out the list of public works projects KPRS is actively bidding on BuildingConnected. To receive our current private invites, please prequalify within TradeTapp.

Public Bids
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