Workplace Innovation Lab

The Workplace Innovation Lab™ at FourFortyFour South Flower in Downtown Los Angeles was constructed in partnership with Coretrust Capital, as they renovate major portions of the hi-rise property.

Project Facts


Los Angeles, CA


Coretrust Capital Partners




22,000 sf

The 22,000 sf WIL office is a model of flexibility and collaboration for the use of multiple tenants to meet with clients, organize meetings or plan projects. Surrounded by windows, the bright and inviting space is segmented by glass-walled conference rooms, lounge style seating areas, and small gathering breakout rooms.

Exposed ceilings are punctuated with artful lighting installations and decorative noise-cancelling acoustical panels throughout. To help further mitigate noise disturbances, custom furniture designer Haworth was commissioned to create sound-proof pods placed in various locations. A Habitat Soundscape from Plantronics is connected in eleven zones. The system uses an algorithm through speakers and microphones to level out ambient noise while video screens provide soothing water sounds.

Getting a real breath of fresh air is also only a few steps away. With the removal of the curtain wall system, the corner of the office now boasts an open-glass patio terrace that brings the outside in. Finished with polished concrete floors, tenants easily find their way to one of two generously sized pantry kitchens that further promote an interactive community atmosphere.

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