Vince Bakulich

As Vice President of Operations, Vince oversees the operating systems and services for KPRS to provide industry-leading construction practices across the organization. Since 2004, Vince has managed a diverse range of projects at KPRS in the former roles of Division Manager and Senior Project Manager, working on a wide variety of unique and distinctive projects.

Vince’s Info


Vice President, Operations


2850 Saturn Street
Brea, CA 92821


714 672 0800

For Vince construction is both an art and a science—while a successful outcome is important, the experience that is paved with a positive attitude, fairness, good intentions, and a genuine care for the project and client needs are key factors in the his philosophy.

As a transformational leader who is passionate about the construction process, Vince provides a fresh perspective that challenges the people and company to continually evolve and improve. His guidance ensures that KPRS continually lives up to its purpose, principals and ethical code, while building camaraderie, loyalty and a sense of celebration in the workplace.

Vince’s studies and interests include aerospace engineering, music theory, philosophy, holding a US Patent, songwriting and composition, boating, traveling and adventure enthusiast.

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