Assaf Nachshon

Assaf has compiled over two decades of budgeting proficiency in his leadership role at KPRS.

Assaf’s Info


Vice President, Preconstruction


2850 Saturn Street
Brea, CA 92821


714 672 0800

As the Vice President of Preconstruction, Assaf is responsible for managing and overseeing the entire preconstruction process from preliminary concept through construction completion.

With his team of estimators, they work to forecast project costs and determine the necessary resources based on estimates and budgetary restraints. Assaf trains and coaches each estimator as they gather details and compile data to anticipate all production expenses according to specifications.

Along with building relationships with many repeat clients, Assaf has also directed hundreds of winning bids for major projects in all market sector groups at KPRS, including work with Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Zillow.

Assaf is an avid runner, and has completed several marathons, along with numerous local SoCal races.

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Yamaha Corporation

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