Celebrating Women in Construction Week

Kristy Eudy

As part of the industry-wide recognition of Women in Construction Week, we're taking the opportunity to share about the women at KPRS who are part of both our field operations as well as operationally laying the groundwork to bring each project to life. While the vocations of women in construction continue to expand industry-wide, KPRS is proactive in creating opportunities for women to lead. This year we are proud to share the stories and varying roles that contribute to and ensure the successful growth of KPRS.

Brenda L | Human Resources Manager

In overseeing our Human Resources Department, I’ve found the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on both the people and projects that drive our organization forward. It's incredibly fulfilling to see our employees thrive, our projects succeed, and our company grow as a result of our collective efforts. This year I’ve taken great pride in my involvement with rolling out our 2024 Wellness Program. It's a fantastic initiative that KPRS has introduced across all our entities. Working in this industry offers a blend of challenge, opportunity, and fulfillment, making it an appealing career choice for those passionate about making a difference in a dynamic and impactful field. I’ve had the invaluable opportunity to learn from exceptional mentors along my career path which has also contributed to my sense of personal success.  

Jenna K | Learning & Development

What I find most appealing about working in this industry is the challenge of earning respect as a woman in construction. It is not an easy feat to navigate, but with practice it can be quite empowering. My goal with working in Learning & Development is to try and to provide the kind of support I wish I had when I first started in the field. In working to shape our L&D programs, I’m continually analyzing and implementing employee feedback to meet the needs and wants of our people. My day-to-day consists of collaborating with internal industry experts and engaging with existing learning content to produce new and improved versions. With my field experience providing context and perspective, I’m hopeful it will bring further success to our Learning & Development resources at KPRS.

Lela B | Office Manager/Contract Admin

As the Office Manager I oversee our Admin Team, and along with setting up all our subcontractors and issuing their contracts, we support our field and project teams in all capacities. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing a project from start to finish and being there every step of the way. When I started at KPRS 23 years ago, Leni Fructuoso, my supervisor at the time advised me to never just “push paper”—but always seek to understand the documents you are processing. From that time, I’ve been committed to asking questions, researching and understanding the flow of information throughout the company. It’s the same mentality that I pass to my team, and I believe it’s a large part of being a successful leader and team player.

Melanie Y | Bid Coordinator

As the Bid Coordinator with our Preconstruction Group, I’m in constant contact with many of our subcontractors. Our department submits numerous bids to a variety of clients each week, so I’m continually examining RFPs and plans and collaborating closely with KPRS estimators. We have a great team and I really take pride in supporting my colleagues with the variety of needs and requests that come up. I’ve worked closely with our industrial estimators, and this past year I’ve enjoyed becoming more involved in pricing our work with Amazon and all that those projects entail. I’ve found that networking and cultivating meaningful relationships has helped me advance in my career. While the construction industry is vast, making the right connections has opened new doors and opportunities both for myself and for KPRS.

Melissa L | Asst Risk Manager

I previously worked at a law firm for over 20 years. This gave me the foundation for not only reviewing documents but also the ability to identify problems or issues. I create specific binders for the Risk Management department based solely on potential issues that have been identified. They’re categorized and organized to further assist project teams in coming to a resolution on a matter.  When reviewing a contract, there can be a lot of discussions between parties regarding language, modifications, and edits. This can require meetings with owners and our own team here. I enjoy seeing the completion of a contract so that a project can begin, and I love that I am able to bring my experience while having the opportunity to learn more about commercial construction.

Michelle C | Accounting Manager

As the Accounting Manager with our Finance Department, I support all our KPRS Division Managers in providing and maintaining payroll job costing for all our projects. I manage all our accounts payable and accounts receivable processes for accuracy, and reconciling accounts. I really enjoy being there for my team, whether it’s helping them come up with solutions to a problem or providing them with guidance. I’ve been proud to be part of helping improve our pension plan procedures, being part of implementing new accounting software, and training all KPRS accounting staff on accounting processes and increasing efficiency in A/P procedures. For the past 9 years, I’ve been fortunate to work under two great leaders at KPRS, their guidance has brought me more confidence in my management role.

Renner B | Project Engineer

Working in the field, what I’ve found most rewarding once a project is complete, is seeing how the tenant that occupies the space often creates many jobs and helps revitalize the local area. I’ve seen the impact most especially with our large-scale industrial projects. I’ve been proud to help lay the groundwork for the success of our Norcal team when the division was launched with the Norcal Logistics project in Stockton. On another recent project, we built a Veteran’s Memorial as part of the scope. As a Project Engineer my focus is on document control, following up on open items and supporting the project team wherever I can. What’s very appealing about this industry is that every project is different—so I’m always learning and doing something new each time.

 Vanessa V | Project Manager

I enjoy learning something new every day-- whether I am in the field learning the trades, learning new ways to solve problems, or learning how my different teams operate. I go in everyday keeping an open mind, and I feel it only makes me stronger in my role. I’m proud of the success of Agua Mansa Commerce Park and First Harley Knox, projects I’ve had different roles in for each. Since transitioning from a PE to a PM this last year, all my project teams have been incredibly supportive, helpful, and knowledgeable. They have given me all the tools I need to build and expand my own toolbox. I know I am never in the dark when new issues arise, because I can always count on them for new insight.

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