On Site: Women Who Build

Kristy Eudy

As March is Women’s History Month and in recognition of Women in Construction Week, we thought it appropriate to acknowledge both these nationwide celebrations and distinguish the larger role of women’s contributions in the construction industry. As of last year, the National Association of Women in Construction estimates that nearly 11% of the US workforce is covered by women in the field of construction-- marking a gradual shift year over year.

We are thrilled to see the roles of women in construction continually grow and expand within our own organization and we are committed and supportive of seeing women thrive in this industry. We are proud to feature several stories of women at KPRS who work among and lead our field operations for projects within our industrial, multifamily, office and tenant improvement markets. We hope you enjoy reading each person’s unique perspective.

Amy C., Senior Project Coordinator

I was brought into construction by my family. My father was a general contractor and my mother is an interior designer. I used to help my father on construction sites in the summers. Now that I’ve spent my career in the industry, I really enjoy the diversity of each project. No two projects are ever the same. It’s always great to see the project come together during the construction process and then see the final product. One of my favorite recent projects was The Bluffs at Playa Vista. The final outcome was a really beautiful, cohesive common area between the existing buildings. I also really enjoyed being a part of FivePoint’s new office headquarters in Irvine.

Beatriz S., Asst Project Manager

I studied Architecture and after working with a firm for a couple of years I was ready for a change. I now love that my day-to-day has so much variety, and there are so many people on the team. The combination of office work and being on site fits my personality very well. I’m currently working on 1800 & 1900 Avenue of the Stars in Century City and my focus is the 1800 building. This project involves an interior lobby renovation on two levels, new curtainwall, a plaza & landscape renovation with approximately a $90-million budget. This is the largest project I have worked on and it is very rewarding even in its early stages. I am learning a lot and am grateful to be working as part of a strong team.

Dana C., Project Manager

I come from a big family, most of whom are involved in construction. Many of them told me early on that project management is something I would be good at. Now that I’ve managed several projects, I see that I love teaching the most by far. I love helping others grow and sharing my experiences and tools to help them learn and succeed. My most recent project with Agua Mansa is the largest I’ve ever worked on. At over 3 million square feet, my team constructed the first of five buildings and all the infrastructure and offsite work to go with it. It required more coordination and realigning than I’d ever handled and was a first being on such a large team with so many other agencies and individuals. It was a great team though; we meshed well and grew immensely during our 18 months together.

Jennalynn K., Project Engineer

What I enjoy most would have to be as simple as the diversity of what I do. There’s so much to learn in construction, and you find that it even translates to other areas of life. Everyone I work with on my team is always willing to provide guidance and from what I’ve experienced, the same is true for all KPRS employees. I’m proud to currently work on the Kona Farm Project, a coffee farm & distillery on the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s a small building compared to what KPRS typically builds, but is jam-packed with an array of components: food & beverage processing, a non-potable water system, and a photovoltaic system, to name a few. It will be a retail space where customers can shop, taste products, view the production, and just enjoy the stunning, tropical location with a killer ocean view. 

Reneé M., Asst Project Manager

Each job is unique and exciting in its own way. This industry is so big and yet so small at the same time because there are so many mutual connections. I enjoy working with different trades and clients because I always grow in how to manage projects and work with others. As I’m entering my 10th year at KPRS, I’m fortunate to have been a part of 73 projects within several divisions. I’m most proud to have completed several hotels. The scopes for hotels are very detailed and complex so each day on the jobsites were a learning experience. They were not an easy type of build, but that’s what made them exciting and really helped me analyze risk management, constructability, schedule, and budget control.

Renner B., Project Engineer

I first worked at KPRS part time and over the years was drawn into more work in the field. I like that the work is different every day and that each day brings a new challenge and new learning experiences. Challenges in the field are always easier to manage when you work as a team and when you establish good relationships with your subs. Team work really makes everything else work. I’m proud to have completed the first phase of the NorCal Logistics project because I had the opportunity to help start the foundation of our NorCal division. After completing several projects up north, I really enjoyed an industrial project we completed down south in Ramona last year as there was a Veteran’s Memorial also included on the site.

Sam S., Senior Project Coordinator

When looking for a career, I knew I needed to be in a field that would challenge me daily. I really enjoy the problem-solving aspects of construction— seeing an issue, trying to figure out why and how to solve it. I appreciate working with the whole team and solving issues together. I like how the industry offers the opportunity to learn new skills and the ability to work your way up. During my time at KPRS I’ve worked on both healthcare and multifamily projects. On the healthcare side I was really proud to work on Aliso Ridge Behavioral Health and the Primary Care Clinic in Orange. On the multifamily side I’ve worked on every project we currently have running, in both Northern and Southern California.

Susy D., Project Manager

I’ve been with KPRS for 22 years, and from that time, it has never been a dull moment. I enjoy being part of the process of building something new and acquiring new knowledge and insights along the way. I see the best way to manage challenges is by digging right in, addressing them quickly and collaborating with the rest of the project team. I’m really proud of completing the renovation of the Commissary at NBCUniversal’s backlot. It seemed like every aspect of the project was a challenge. This included daily access to the job site, logistics around backlot employees, filming, and events, preserving historical pieces, and working over a basement of offices, to name a few. It was an amazing feeling when we received approval from the Health Department to stock the shelves.

Vanessa V., Asst Project Manager

I have always been a curious person and intrigued by how things work. When aspiring to understand buildings, I want to learn them inside out, and from the ground up. After being on this side of construction for almost two years, I like how hands on it is. It is much more engaging than my initial route of design with civil engineering. We are making the plans come to life after all. I’m currently finishing up phase 1 of the Agua Mansa project, which includes a one million square foot building, the TI in the building, and all offsite improvements. This has been a massive project and has taught me so much because of the large range of variables factored into it. I’m excited to start my next project, and apply everything I’ve learned.

Vicki N., Asst Project Manager

I was hired into construction for my accounting background with the opportunity to learn as a coordinator. I enjoyed it so much that I continued pursuing a career, a decision I will never regret. As my knowledge expanded, so did the opportunities for advancement. I’ve now been in the industry for more than 25 years, and I cannot imagine wanting anything else. I’m continually learning new aspects because every project has its differences. During my time at KPRS, I'm really proud to have worked on 888 Douglas, a 30-acre site transformed from a Northrop Grumman aerospace warehouse to a creative commercial campus. This project was unique in keeping the original architecture of saw-toothed skylights, bridges and catwalks, along with the elephant doors that accommodated passage for the airplanes.

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