Corey Evans

Corey’s leadership in navigating large, multifaceted projects has contributed to the growth and presence of KPRS in the Los Angeles market.

Corey’s Info


Vice President, Construction


444 South Flower Street
Suite 3860
Los Angeles, CA 90071


323 766 6300

As Vice President of Construction, Corey builds valuable client relationships where the vision and needs of the client are always top priority. At the same time, he leads dynamic teams who work to deliver innovative solutions no matter how complex the project.

With over 20 years of construction experience, Corey has honed his understanding of the field in the former roles of Senior Superintendent and Division Manager. Beyond office construction, his involvement spans to industrial, retail and residential sectors.

His notable projects include the award-winning C3 Creative Complex in Culver City; the Pasadena Playhouse Plaza in downtown Pasadena; the Culver Steps development and the Entrada Creative Office also in Culver City.

Explore some of Corey's Projects


Culver Steps

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