Construction Safety Week: “Value Every Voice”

Kristy Eudy

Formally established over 10 years ago, Construction Safety Week is an industry-wide event emphasizing the importance of a day-to-day safety mindset for all levels of jobsite professionals. This year’s theme of “Value Every Voice” is even more fitting as we highlight individuals in our organization exemplifying safe jobsite practices. Before a project even begins to take shape, our commitment to safety is a top priority at KPRS. As an integral part of our culture, we are pleased to share the voices of our team members, their safety best practices and successful outcomes on a variety of project challenges.

8070 Beverly
Los Angeles, CA

The senior living community we’re constructing at 8070 Beverly is a 7-story above-grade, post-tension structure totaling 28,500 square feet with two levels of subterranean parking. At the site we have taken significant steps to address safety concerns, and one of the key measures we have adopted is leveraging our foremen’s meetings and daily walks to underscore the paramount importance of safety. There are over 1,000 rebar caps being used on this project daily, and with the large number of tradesmen on site, it is challenging to keep them all in place throughout the day. We continually inform our trades that to minimize our exposure regarding re-bar cap placement, we make it a team effort among everyone on site. With multiple trades on the deck at one time, there are many more pairs of eyes and hands contributing to site safety. Safety is a team effort for all of us.  

- Mark D., Senior Superintendent

Yamaha Corporation of America Headquarters
Buena Park, CA

At Yamaha we are currently constructing a 74,000 square foot, two-story corporate office building with 18 acres of site work and new underground systems. Since a portion of the campus is already occupied, we actively work to keep construction activities—such as lifting concrete wall panels and trucking export of 23,000 yards of dirt—separate from Yamaha’s daily business.

We actively implement our KPRS safety program with the safety team, as well as closely observe all daily activities, passing our knowledge of any concerns to trades on site and how we can minimize them. We work to help everyone understand accidents can happen out of nowhere, so we take preventative measures rather than a surprising outcome. With the help of our safety team, and our continued training in safe practices, we hold very high standards.

-Rick D. & David J., Superintendents

Anderson Towers - Ave of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA

I’m happy to be part of the Ave of the Stars team, a project located in the heart of Century City, adjacent to two major streets and the busy Westfield Mall. The location of this project itself already presented safety concerns as the two towers we are reconstructing are occupied buildings full of law firms, management companies and three financial institutions. The safety of this project is a day-by-day requirement with foot traffic from the interconnected buildings which also allow access to the mall.  

The project’s renovation includes interior and exterior work, adding large canopies, and paint to the entire façade of the two towers, along with the plaza hardscape and landscape renovation, essentially new construction for the entire footprint of the buildings. The job is divided into two phases and many safety issues were initially identified and worked out with the management and safety team from egress, path of travel, evacuation plans, emergency rescue plan, crane set ups and suspended scaffolds—these are all ongoing safety matters until the project is completed.

With all the rain this season, we are constantly walking and reviewing construction fencing, barricades, and signage, conducting all-hands safety meetings with our subs to make them aware of site conditions. Ultimately, construction assessments after partial work completion to better understand and implement safety at all the times is best. We want all workers to understand that safety is everyone’s responsibility. As the project continues to progress, having our KPRS company safety division has been a great way for us to maintain and implement new safety rules and guidelines.

- Juan S., Superintendent

 I-10 Logistics Center
Cherry Valley, CA

In constructing the I-10 Logistics Center, we were faced with challenges from the start of the project, identified even in the preconstruction phase. The KPRS construction team and KPRS safety team in collaboration were involved early-on in identifying some foreseen items, and making our field staff aware. This allowed us to start communicating right away with the Engineer of Record which was a great advantage.

One such point of concern was the continuous use of heavy equipment operations cutting off access to four residential homes behind the project. This was mitigated by communicating with residents first and gaining their buy-in, as well as ensuring traffic control flaggers were always aware. The project’s scope included our rough grading and moving 4 million square yards of dirt, as well as two miles of wet utilities, three traffic signals and work on all four freeway ramps. Public safety was of the upmost importance and regular attention to signage and maintenance of it along with public outreach--every single neighbor had our number--were key to mitigating risks and concerns.

Onsite we also knew that communication with our subcontractors was key. We set this precedent in both preconstruction and construction meetings and orientations. Providing as much information as possible from project onset and regular communication with management and KPRS safety team allowed this project to be a success.

- Junior R., Superintendent

4561 Colorado Sound Stage
Los Angeles, CA

While we construct the sound stage reposition at 4561 Colorado, the property is also shared with an occupied building which films the famous TV show, “The Price is Right.” The show is filmed during our site construction hours, so our ongoing safety awareness is toward contestants coming in and out of the facility. The filming schedule coincides with our daily construction activities, so ensuring all pedestrians are safe and protected is a top priority for our team.

On top of this, we manage dust control, placement of barricades to create a safety separation between facilities, with added notification when any heavy equipment is in use. Our weekly safety meetings with all subcontractors reinforce that safety is not only for those working on site, but for everyone around us. Our team works to lead by example not only by enforcing all safety guidelines and regulations but by making sure we here at KPRS hold ourselves to those same standards. Safety is a top priority for us, and having a safe, efficient jobsite is the number one goal.

-Troy C., Superintendent & Caesar C., Asst Superintendent

Fremont Tech Center
Fremont, CA

As the general contractor, we have multiple responsibilities for the duration of each project: safety, schedule, quality, and cost. We look ahead with a well-organized plan, and vendor teams in place. A key aspect of this is holding in-depth orientations and foremen meetings. As subs may rotate foremen or crews, these critical meetings bring in new and existing teams to stay with the same end goal, in the safest way possible. We help trades move in and out of work zones safely, to perform their work in a safe manner.  I stress to everyone that even though it takes multiple teams, all make one team. Every individual must own their environment; one person can impact the entire jobsite. Bottom line is, everyone has a responsibility in safety, and every voice should be heard.   

- Chuck H., Senior Superintendent, Core & Shell

For the TI component of the Fremont Tech Center, my focus is primarily on scheduling, preconstruction meetings, the 3-week look ahead schedule, and resolving daily issues that arise. For TI’s especially, housekeeping is very important in confined areas as there cannot be any trip and fall hazards or scissor lift issues within the space. I’ve found that talking with workers throughout the day and reminding them of what concerns I see and what they should be aware of has made a significant difference. Showing respect to our trades also goes a long way in maintaining a safe and productive jobsite.

- Brandon M., Superintendent, TI

Agua Mansa Commerce Park
Jurupa Valley, CA

Before we constructed the Agua Mansa Commerce Park, this project site held a 100-year-old cement mine and plant that sat on approximately 300 acres consisting of large concrete structures, 120 ft siloes and conveyor systems, underground tunnels and mine shafts.

We started the project off by working with the local fire department inviting them on site to establish site access maps showing haul roads along with an emergency response plan that we would update weekly for them to safely access to the work areas if ever needed. We also provided updates to all the subs onsite weekly. We set air monitors up around the perimeter of the site that would monitor any contamination in the dust that could possibly leave the site. Additional handheld air monitors were also set up downwind of the work area. We would provide daily and weekly reports to AQMD and DTSC.

We worked alongside the environmental team Langan that would observe and test materials that seemed suspicious by smell or change in color or texture. Langan would then test these materials in question. Once we received test results back, we then worked with their team on how to properly handle the material moving forward.

During this operation we would also fly the site weekly and provide accurate updated maps and reports to the client on where the materials were discovered, remediated or removed. During the demo phase of the project, we set up an elaborate watering system and pumps to help keep a constant water supply for dust control. Managing these issues along with constructing the large-scale project was a success.

- Mike B., Senior Superintendent

Read more: Q&A with our Safety Team. | If you have further questions about KPRS safety or your commercial project, contact Assaf Nachshon, Vice President of Preconstruction.

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